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Azam Group News

◊  June 2018

Majhar defends his Master thesis! Great job, Majhar!

◊  May 2018

Shafique and Nahida's paper is accepted in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (Impact Factor 5.95). Thanks to Prof H. Zeng at University of Alberta (Canada) and Prof T. Islam at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (Bangladesh)  for collaborating with us on this research. Excellent job, team!

◊  February 2018

Jahangir Hossen wins best poster award at ICCST-Chem 2018! Great job, Jahangir!

◊  January 2018

Ferdous defends his Master thesis! Well done, Ferdous!

◊  December 2017

Bushra Upoma and Mosfeq Uddin join Azam group! Welcome to the group!

◊  November 2017

Dr. Azam is awarded Minsitry of Science and Technology Grant, 2017. Thanks to the group!

Dr. Azam attends a two-day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), organized by TTO, BUET under HEQEP.

◊  September 2017

Ferdous presents his research at Speak Up Your Research contest and wins Dr. Jamal Nazrul Islam Award. Congrats Ferdous!

◊  August 2017

Dr. Azam presents the research of Azam Group at 10th International Conference on Emerging Materials & Nanotechnology (Vancouver BC, Canada).

◊  July 2017

Dr. Azam returns after his two month stay at the University of Alberta (Edmonton AB, Canada) as a Visiting Professor.

◊  April 2017

Zerin Fatema joins the group as a PhD student! Welcome Zerin!

◊  April 2017

Jahangir Hossen defends his M.Phil.! Good job, Jahangir!

Salma Sultana defends her M.Sc.! Well done!

◊ March 2017

Dr. Azam receives special allocation for research from the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

◊ February 2017

Abinash defends his M.Sc. degree! Great job!

◊ January 2017

Shafique defends his M.Sc. degree! Nice job!

◊ June 2016

Dr. Azam attends a day-long workshop on teaching-learning at ITN, BUET, organized by Quality Assurance Cell, jointly sponsored by HEQEP and BUET.

◊ April 2016

Nur-E-Jannat, Latifa and Stephen join the Azam Group. Welcome folks!

◊ March 2016

Dr. Azam gives a talk at 16ACC. Shafique and Salma present posters. Well done, team!

Dr. Azam returns to BUET after three months working as a Visiting Professor at University of Alberta, Canada.

◊ December 2015

Dr. Azam's proposal's been selected for TWAS grant! Great news!

◊ January 2015

Shafique, Salma, Labiba and Abinash join the Azam Group. Welcome!

◊ December 2014

Jahangir joins the Azam Group as the first grad student. Welcome Jahangir!

◊ September 2014

Dr. Azam attends the seminar on 'nanoscience' at MBSTU and delivers a talk as a distinguished speaker.

◊ August 2014

Dr. Azam joins the department of chemistry at BUET as an Assistant Professor!

◊ January 2015

M.Phil. Graduate students Labiba, Shafique, Salma and Abinash join our group. Welcome to Azam group!

◊ December 2014

M.Phil. student Jahangir joins our group. Welcome Jahangir!

◊ September 2014

Dr. Azam gives a talk as a distinguished speaker in a seminar on "Advaces of nanochemistry in Bangladesh" held at M. Bhashani Science and Technology University.

◊ June 2014

Md. Shafiul Azam returns to Bangladesh after his PhD and rejoins BUET.


Contact Information

Md. Shafiul Azam, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Office: OAB 246


Phone: 02 55167228-57
Ext. 7119 (Office), 7900 (Res.)

Cell Phone: +8801535495622